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Wines of the World

grapes in green house image

The Marquess wanted to produce his own wine, so I went to France to learn about the process, and to find out what grapes would grow best in Cardiff. I grew grapes in the Marquess’ other garden at Castell Coch nearby. Do you know Castell Coch ? The golf course below it was once my vineyard. We then brought the grapes to Cardiff Castle for pressing and fermenting into a wine that was called Canary Brand. Here’s a picture of the workers bringing in the grape harvest. And here’s one of us producing the wine in Cardiff Castle.

grapes on a cart image

Our wine was the only wine produced in Britain at the time, and became famous throughout the world in Victorian times. There were even cartoons about it in magazines. In Punch magazine they said sarcastically that it took four men to drink our wine – ‘one to pour and two to hold the victim down’.

Much more wine is now made in the UK. What other countries are famous for producing wine ? Can you find the famous wine regions on a map of the world ?

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