Pettigrew Parks-The Family Who Landscaped Cardiff
History of Cardiff

Cardiff Bay 1900

The Marquess, who also came from Scotland, made all his money by sending coal and iron from the South Wales Valleys all around the world. What we now know as Cardiff was a collection of small villages before the Marquess created a busy port, where hundreds of ships sailed from every day. Cardiff became the largest coal exporting port in the world. Here’s a picture showing how busy the Cardiff docks were.

Many people came to live in Cardiff and it soon became a big city, but many of them lived in crowded houses with poor facilities and no gardens or space to relax and play in. The city needed parks and gardens for people to enjoy.

So the Marquess and other Cardiff landowners gave land to the people of the city, so that they could have pleasant places to walk, to sit and listen to bands playing, to play or to watch sport such as bowls and cricket. What do you do in the parks in Cardiff ? Do you know that Bute Park was once the Marquess’ back garden when the family stayed at Cardiff Castle ? Did you know there was once a zoo in Victoria Park where the famous Billy the Seal lived? Here’s a picture of it.