Pettigrew Parks-The Family Who Landscaped Cardiff

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The Marquess of Bute wanted me to make his garden behind the castle beautiful so I brought some exotic trees and plants here from around the world, and I made the Marquess’ garden a place that he could be really proud of, and show off to his society friends. It was a piece of countryside in the middle of the town, and is now called Bute Park. I became quite famous and there were many articles written about my work in the press.

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My speciality was the cultivation of fruit - apples and pears, figs, bananas and pineapples, lemons, peaches and melons, and they were famous for their excellent quality. Here’s a picture of me in front of my greenhouses. The Marquess was so proud of his Cardiff fruit that he had it sent to him on his travels. I grew grapes on the front wall of Cardiff Castle, and I even grew grapes in pots that were put in the middle of the Butes’ dinner table, so that they could pick them off the vine as they sat around the table.

Would you like to design your own park? Let’s design a park that we would like to spend time in. What are the elements needed ? You have a budget of ….Use that budget to create the park you would like to spend time in – but whatever you do, don’t go over budget!

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