Pettigrew Parks-The Family Who Landscaped Cardiff

Fruits of the World

I grew fruit that the Marquess and his family ate on his travels, and I went to France to learn how to make wine. I grew grapes in the Marquess’ other garden at Castell Coch nearby, I grew grapes on the front wall of Cardiff Castle, and I even grew grapes in pots that were put in the middle of the Butes’ dinner table, so that they could pick them off the vine as they sat around the table.

With the grapes we made wine called Canary Brand. It was famous throughout the world in Victorian times, and there were cartoons about it in magazines.

I was also famous for growing a variety of fruit - apples and pears, figs, bananas and pineapples, lemons, peaches and melons.

Let’s play a game to find out more about the fruits of the world and where they come from.

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