Pettigrew Parks-The Family Who Landscaped Cardiff

Family Trees

When I was Head Gardener to the Marquess my three sons also became very interested in gardening and worked here in the parks in Cardiff like me.

Pettigrew males

My oldest son William Wallace or WW as he was known became Head Gardener for the Council, and did a lot to help people in Cardiff enjoy their parks, as well as writing important books about them. He built Roath Park where people could swim in the lake or spend an afternoon in a boat. Have you been on a boat in Roath Park ? WW also built Victoria Park where Cardiff had its own small zoo. Here the famous Billy the Seal was very popular with visitors. Have you seen Billy’s statue on your visit to Victoria Park ?

William Wallace

My second son was Hugh and he worked for the Earl of Plymouth, another very important man who lived at St Fagans Castle. Have you been to St Fagans ? Before it was a museum for people to visit, it was the country home of the Plymouth family, and some of the gardens there were created by my son Hugh. If you go to St Fagans, have a look at the beautiful gardens around the Castle – they still look lovely and they were famous in Victorian times when the Earl would invite his society friends to visit for garden parties.

Hugh Pettigrew

My third son was Andrew Alexander and he was also in charge of the parks in Cardiff. AA, as he was called, wrote a lot about the parks in Cardiff and that is why we know so much about life in Cardiff at that time.

Andrew Alexander

Here is my family tree. It shows me and my wife, my three sons, and also my three daughters. You can see that my son Hugh had a son, also called Andrew, and he had a son called Tim.

pettigrew family tree

Can you make your own family tree ?

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